5 Easy Steps to register the Philippines eCIF form


The Philippines eCIF form (Electronic Case Investigation form) is an online application service managed by the Philippine Red Cross. It is to minimize the spread of the coronavirus (COVID-19) into the Philippines through the ports of entry.  The eCIF form also allows Overseas Filipino workers or foreign travelers to get a health certificate to enter […]

Everything You Need To Know About Travel Advisory Philippines 2021

Travel Advisory Philippines

In this article about the travel advisory Philippines 2021, we provide you a comprehensive guide before you travel to the Philippines.  There are several exceptions to travel for foreign nationals that you will understand as you read this blog.  To be clear, traveling to the Philippines on a tourist visa is not yet permitted as […]

Downgrading of Visa

Downgrading of visa in the Philippines with canceled ACR I card

DOWNGRADING OF VISA Downgrading of visa means the cancellation and reversion of the foreign national’s immigration visa to a tourist visa. It implies if a foreign national has no further association with his/her employer and wants to return to their country, they have to undergo the downgrading process in the BI office before they exit […]