The Philippines eCIF form (Electronic Case Investigation form) is an online application service managed by the Philippine Red Cross.

It is to minimize the spread of the coronavirus (COVID-19) into the Philippines through the ports of entry. 

The eCIF form also allows Overseas Filipino workers or foreign travelers to get a health certificate to enter the Philippines. 


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The data needed for the eCIF form registration are the personal information, contact details, travel, and health history. 

The Philippines eCIF form

The applicant needs to upload a photo of the passport, so make sure you have the picture on your computer or mobile phone.

The Philippines eCIF form

You can also attach your covid test results if possible; however, that is not mandatory. 

The best approach is to fill up the eCIF form before you arrive in the Philippines, which can take three days to complete. 

In case you failed to accomplish the form, you cannot pass through the immigration clearance. 

Furthermore, you have to fill it up and submit it electronically before proceeding with the immigration authorities. 

This failure to submit the eCIF form before your arrival will delay the immigration clearance unnecessarily. 

Who Needs the e-CIF form?

International travelers that are allowed to enter the Philippines need an eCIF form to get the health certificate. 

The travelers include – 

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Who manages the e-CIF system?

The Philippines government, in partnership with the Philippines Redcross, manages the eCIF system. created the eCIF forms, and the Filinvest foundation helped with the initial version of the system. 

A quick guide for travelers arriving in the Philippines. 

Upon arrival, all the travelers will undergo a swab test (RT PCR COVID-19 testing) conducted by trained personnel from the Philippine Coast Guard (PCG). 

All the passengers arriving in the Philippines will quarantine until they have negative COVID-19 test results. 

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They have to also comply with a mandatory fourteen days quarantine at home. 

Travelers who are fully vaccinated must quarantine for seven days.

The passengers must stay in a designated government quarantine facility or a Bureau of Quarantine-approved hotel. 

If the travelers whose swab test result is positive, they have to undergo further medical management at a designated hospital. 

Above all, make sure to input correct details while filing the eCIF form and have your digital copy of your passport ready. 

Any mistakes on the application form can cause a delay in receiving your test results. 

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