In this article about the travel advisory Philippines 2021, we provide you a comprehensive guide before you travel to the Philippines. 

There are several exceptions to travel for foreign nationals that you will understand as you read this blog. 

To be clear, traveling to the Philippines on a tourist visa is not yet permitted as per the latest guidelines. 

Without further ado, let me update you with the following:

Types of Visa Holders allowed to enter the Philippines. 

Note that the processing and the requirements for everyone holding any of these visas below may vary. 

The best approach is to verify with the nearest Philippines embassy in your country to validate your travel entry and other mandatories before your travel. 

Here are the lists of Visas allowed to enter the Philippines, 

Travel Guidelines Philippines 

Suppose that you hold any of those visas as mentioned above, ensure your health and safety. 

Make sure that you are medically acceptable and have no symptoms of any diseases whatsoever. 

Here are the travel guidelines before traveling that you must know :

Upon-Arrival Guide In The Airport 

Quarantine Guide

While on quarantine, after the seventh day of arrival, take an RT-PCR swab test at your hotel or quarantine facility as assigned by the Private laboratory (COVID-19). 

Ensure to observe strict quarantine protocols while you wait for the swab results, mostly sent via email. 

With negative swab results, you need to wait for the Bureau of Quarantine Health certificate and the number of days left on quarantine. 

During this period, prepare for a bus or airline ticket, travel pass from the Philippines national police from your point of departure, and letter of acceptance from the local government unit. 

Report your Barangay officials upon arrival in your locality for further instructions. 

Upon their instructions, you will undergo a home quarantine for the required 14 days quarantine at your Barangay. 

Once approved from the quarantine by I-GU, ensure to observe health and safety measures such as wearing facial masks, maintaining social distance, washing hands regularly, or sanitizing. 

A list of countries banned.

Travel Advisory Philippines travel ban

Please note that the following information can change anytime. 

Hence, the best advice is to follow and check the DFA’s official website and pages for new updates. 

Travelers from these countries, departing and who have been to these nations in the last fourteen days before any scheduled arrival are NOT ALLOWED banned for entry in the Philippines until August 15, 2021

Note that the information above is constantly changing, so make sure to check DFA’s website and pages for updates.

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