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A girl is applying for a work permit in the Philippines

A work permit is an official document that grants foreign nationals permission to work in the country.

Any foreign national seeking employment in the Philippines, and any domestic or foreign employer who desires to engage for employment shall get a work permit from the Department of Labor, Philippines.

Foreign nationals who wish to work in the Philippines for three months or more must get a work permit.

For a longer period, the employee must also hold a work visa in the Philippines.

A work permit is a prerequisite for obtaining a work visa.

You can learn below about the two important work permits that we offer as our primary service. 

Types of Work Permits

Alien Employment Permit ​

  • The Department of Labor and Employment issues AEP to foreign Nationals according to the employment agreement of a Philippine-based company. 

Provisional Work Permit ​

  • The foreign national who has a temporary visitor’s visa can apply while the (9G) working visa application is in process.